Sunday, March 16, 2014

Okay I've been totally MIA I know! But exciting news

Okay the last few months. Here's the jist of it....

Mikey: the pug well he now has diabetes. :( I have to give him insulin shots 2x a day every 12 hrs. I didn't think I would be able to do it, but I manage somehow with the strength of the fact that I love him and my boys really love him. He's only 7 yrs old. I can't lose another dog. He's a rescue I've had for about 3 years almost now.

A Career!!: 

I have finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up. I know, I know... you can chuckle a little if you have read me for many years because...well..I change my mind at times.. I'm a girl. I can't help it. 

I am starting classes in a few weeks to become CNA certified. :) (Certified Nurse Assistant)
I've taken my professional grade CPR/BLS and first aid certification classes. I've also went and got a physical. I will soon have to get all my up to date shots and a tb test. My class is an advanced 6 week class that will prepare me for the state examination and give me clinical hours. 

I am very woosy around needles mainly. I don't have to do phlebotomy  to become a CNA. I will learn all the basic skills to be able to be a home health aid/caregiver for the elderly. Thats what I want to do. I want to go to people's houses and take care of them, do what they need done, be a companion and just be of service to our elderly population. Its always been a calling of mine, but I was scared to go to people's houses by myself (I have a bit of anxiety. When I say bit I mean TONS, but I'm managing it). 

I would rather not work in a nursing home if I can manage not to, but I never really have so that might change. It just all depends. I'm leaving my options open. There are many, many retirees that live here and I think the numbers will just grow in the future. I'm very excited to start. I'm hoping to be licensed and have all my ducks in a row so I can start looking for a job this summer. Also I can get a job where I only work a  few hours a day so many days or what not that work with in my boy's schedule so its kinda perfect. 

In other news! Crafty Arty ones.... 

More dolly stuff is still happening! lol.

Here's my new doll Reinsumptra that I did her face up, I made her dress and she is stunning. Only things I didn't do myself were her wig and shoes. I need to take more pictures of her. She's a WITHDOLL Ruby grey skin sculpt. 

Kitty (Pippa) in picture above is a lovely Christmas gift from Lauren! <3

I found a few props for her pictures that are amazing. The chair and I'm working on her camel I found! OMG. Its so cool. More pictures of her in the future. Her dress she's wearing I made all myself. Best doll clothes I have ever made. Her sandals I found on Etsy. Those clay pots I found at a garage sale for 15 cents each!
Her camel. I'm working on a leather saddle and camel "pack" bags that will hang on his sides. I got him online for a steal. He's HUGE. 16 inches tall. New on ebay he's like 100 bucks. Crazy.

Another find on for cheap! This thing is heavy and gorgeous. Fits my doll perfect. It was only 35 including shipping. Again score!

Painting class has been put off this semester. I have this painting that is almost done. It needs probably about 4 to 6 more hours put into it. 

I've also set up a ready to go painting station for my youngest so he can paint anytime he wants. He used to paint on the dining room table, but I would have to set it up every time and that was hard set up and then clean up after. Now he just climbs up on the chair and goes to work. He can do all the stuff he needs to and its all with in reach. He's a little artist like his momma. :) 

Its on my main scrapping desk next to my real desk, I don't usually work up there. It was just a catch all for current projects. I figured it would be more useful for him and nice to have a work area next to mine for him.

Well this is long enough! I am getting a new doll soon it looks like. I'm so excited. I hope it all works out. I'll try to post here more often. My tumblr, is still there and will have much shorter dolly things. Its just difficult for me to figure out and I think I might be too old for it. Sometimes I just don't get it. Though it has alot of great pics on it. 

Thanks for reading! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

White Pippa

I recently got a lovely Christmas gift from my good friend, Lauren. She sent me some vintage books that we love to send each other because we both have such an infinity for them and a gift card to Etsy!!! Now I was excited because I had my eye on an art cat doll that I really wanted. Yeah for gift cards!

I ordered...her!!

Her name is Pippa. She's from dollsbymarca on Etsy. She was a custom order. Typically they are grey kitties. She offers them in different colors though. I choose white with green eyes. She fits in perfectly in my dollhouse and is bendable! I can pose her and put her on things. Its so cute. I think her little face which is made with clay and hand painted is so cute. Thank you Lauren!!

I also recently made a tumblr. I know... I'm a sicko. I for the longest time didn't get tumblr. I think its my age. It is still hard for me to realize exactly how it works. But I do like my personal tumblr. If you want to see it, its just a more posted on shorter version of my blog. ginaisarty tumblr

I do have to say I like tumblr. Its neat. You see things on there that you would never see else where because the majority of people on the site are YOUNG. I mean at least under 22 I assume. But its neat. I like seeing more art work and photography and such of flickr people and people on deviantart (another website I'm tryin to get into, but dang.. its like my brain freezes up and says''' YOU ARE TOO OLD".  I'm not sure. lol. Its a very fluid site both of them. Its sometimes hard to realize what people are posting is their's or something they liked... But I'm getting better and figuring that out. As my slow old brain evolves. 

This last weekend I burned through this book. It was amazing. I haven't read much in the last six months. I used to read alot. I stopped having to take Leo to speech classes twice a week and that was my main reading time. I read this book in about 48 hrs. It was good. 

I love the cover art. Gorgeous. 

Today I have the gym, grocery shopping, pharmacy trip, and a doctor appt in my future. Exciting stuff. There will be some cleaning thrown in also. This week is a busy one. 

I also planned on joining in on project life this year. So far I'm a big failure when it comes to that. 

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

1st stop motion mini clip short movie starring Amos!

I really had fun with this. The song is Broken bells- Sailing to nowhere. I hope to do another longer one of these soon.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My new hamster bjd is here!

I ordered this little guy who is resin from bjdfantasyparts. Paper Sakura is who makes him. They only usually do batch orders so he isn't available to order all the time. I was so happy to get a chance to get him. He's much smaller than I expected. Here's the opening pictures.

I put some 8mm eyes in him. 

Not sure what his name is yet. I'm also not 100% on how I'm going to do his faceup and paint him. I think I will be busting out the airbrush and maybe do some fantasy colors? Or maybe some hamster tattoos? Ooh.. I don't know. Still have to think about this. 

Here's a scale comparison so you can see how teeny he really is. 

Last I wanted to add the Christmas photo of I took of all my bjds. They are so cute. New little hammy wasn't here yet when I took this. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Monster High doll re-do's customize part 0ne

As many of you know or might not know... I'm into doing dolly things lately. I've recently won an auction on ebay for a lot of used Monster High dolls. They have all seen better days that is for sure.

The one missing a face is the one I chose to work on first. (Ghoulia)  I should have taken a picture of her before hand. I have recently figured out that when it comes to plastic dolls like this use 100% acetone remover to get their original faceups off. Much quicker!! You can find a bottle of it at Walgreens along side the other reg. nail polish removers.

Okay now my plans for her. I am planning on making her into Lily Munster doll! I know! I love Lily Munster. I wanted to make a bjd themed around her, but that is very costly for a doll that isn't my original character. I decided that this lovely would make a perfect Lily Munster. I mean her skin tone is PERFECT. The hair though... not so much.

So first up.. get rid of old makeup and old hair. I cut all her hair off, got her head off by soaking her in hot water and wiggling it very carefully off. (see a youtube vid for more instruction) and then I took tweezers up in her head and pulled out all the gluey old hair.

Now I am working on re- rooting her hair. I am going to re root her with black fake hair I got from Sally's beauty supply store. Its heap, but decent. I'm going to use some of the white doll hair from above old monster high dolls for the stripes in the hair. Once I get that all done I will start her face up.

I will keep you posted! I have plans for almost all these girls.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Still working on things... and a thank you!

I've been busy still with getting things done. I know I've not been a good blogger. I don't know if I ever will be in the future. Maybe some how someway I'll find a blog type solution that works for me.

I've almost finished my tiger painting. Its been a long long process. Here's some progress pictures of him.
He's in oil paints on canvas.

This is where he's at right now. It looks more washed out than the other pictures. I still have a few touches I'm going to add to him then I'll post his last final picture.

I received some lovely birthday gifts from my dear friend, Lauren. She's always so spot on to what I love. :)
Thank you girlie! Also she's the best gift wrapper in the whole world for sure.

The pictures do not do everything justice. One of the best things is my dollhouse books she made me!! I now printed out all my pictures of my doll stuff to add to a mini album. I love it all!!

In the tin in the back is postcards that are awesome!!!

Speaking of my dolly. He's doing great. I am starting to work on his diorama room. I also got him two new outfits. The first one was a made ken doll pj set I got from a woman on ebay for cheap. I just had to alter it to fit him better. I wanted something he could wear all the time and I didn't have to worry about staining. 

I also bought him this outfit off etsy. Its so cute!

This is his diorama room in progress. I finally just ordered him a bed. Its on its way. His little room is made with white hard foam board and put inside one of my armoires near my craft area. Its going to be great to use to take pictures in. 

The chair I got from a garage sale for 3 bucks. I don't know if its staying in the room. The boat shelf I found on ebay for cheap. The dresser I got at Michaels for 3 bucks. Its being painted now. The little chest is a old Logan/Leo toy. His bed will be put where his current shoe box bed is. lol. 

Thanks for looking! Hope all are doing well. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pirate Rat faceup

Well I've been busy. Mostly messing with dolls and my new airbrush system. I know. I'm so weird right? I bought an airbrush system for my birthday this month. I wanted it to be able to do a faceup on my rat doll I got. I also wanted it to try out for other things and for future dolls I get or make. Its so cool. Its something I've always considered, but figured it would be too much to learn. Too big. Too much to maintain or barely used. Now I can't say I'll use it tons because well.. It is alot to get out, set up and then make sure you clean properly afterwards, but its not too costly or very big.

Here's the one I got:

With Amazon pro shipping is free. You can't beat that. I got 3 different brush systems with it and I think (though I haven't fully investigated) I can get a copic brush for it and use it with my copic markers... oh.. yes...

So onto what I actually did with it. Here's my bjd (ball jointed doll) rat that I painted with it. I think he turned out so cute.

Now there's a few areas I'd like to fix slightly, but overall he turned out so cute! He is made of resin. He is strung with elastic. He comes completely white. If you look at my last post you can see him how he came. I sealed him with MSC spray and used gouache paints watered down in my airbrush system to paint him. Pretty freakin' cool right? 

Now what do you think this rat needs? Oh, by the way..his name is Amos. He needs a Halloween costume.. Oh, yes..

So I found this outfit on a deserted skeleton at Walmart for 5 bucks. I took it off him and altered it. I added the little metal skeleton charm on the hat. I added the eyelets and red ribbon to the shirt and I made it fit my rat. The photo props are the boys toys, plus other odds and ends I of course had. 

Well I have to go and take the boys to school and then go to the gym. There's a tropical type storm coming this way from a hurricane that slowed down. Its been raining pretty steady all morning. fun! I will post again soon. 

Thanks for reading!