Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My new hamster bjd is here!

I ordered this little guy who is resin from bjdfantasyparts. Paper Sakura is who makes him. They only usually do batch orders so he isn't available to order all the time. I was so happy to get a chance to get him. He's much smaller than I expected. Here's the opening pictures.

I put some 8mm eyes in him. 

Not sure what his name is yet. I'm also not 100% on how I'm going to do his faceup and paint him. I think I will be busting out the airbrush and maybe do some fantasy colors? Or maybe some hamster tattoos? Ooh.. I don't know. Still have to think about this. 

Here's a scale comparison so you can see how teeny he really is. 

Last I wanted to add the Christmas photo of I took of all my bjds. They are so cute. New little hammy wasn't here yet when I took this. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Monster High doll re-do's customize part 0ne

As many of you know or might not know... I'm into doing dolly things lately. I've recently won an auction on ebay for a lot of used Monster High dolls. They have all seen better days that is for sure.

The one missing a face is the one I chose to work on first. (Ghoulia)  I should have taken a picture of her before hand. I have recently figured out that when it comes to plastic dolls like this use 100% acetone remover to get their original faceups off. Much quicker!! You can find a bottle of it at Walgreens along side the other reg. nail polish removers.

Okay now my plans for her. I am planning on making her into Lily Munster doll! I know! I love Lily Munster. I wanted to make a bjd themed around her, but that is very costly for a doll that isn't my original character. I decided that this lovely would make a perfect Lily Munster. I mean her skin tone is PERFECT. The hair though... not so much.

So first up.. get rid of old makeup and old hair. I cut all her hair off, got her head off by soaking her in hot water and wiggling it very carefully off. (see a youtube vid for more instruction) and then I took tweezers up in her head and pulled out all the gluey old hair.

Now I am working on re- rooting her hair. I am going to re root her with black fake hair I got from Sally's beauty supply store. Its heap, but decent. I'm going to use some of the white doll hair from above old monster high dolls for the stripes in the hair. Once I get that all done I will start her face up.

I will keep you posted! I have plans for almost all these girls.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Still working on things... and a thank you!

I've been busy still with getting things done. I know I've not been a good blogger. I don't know if I ever will be in the future. Maybe some how someway I'll find a blog type solution that works for me.

I've almost finished my tiger painting. Its been a long long process. Here's some progress pictures of him.
He's in oil paints on canvas.

This is where he's at right now. It looks more washed out than the other pictures. I still have a few touches I'm going to add to him then I'll post his last final picture.

I received some lovely birthday gifts from my dear friend, Lauren. She's always so spot on to what I love. :)
Thank you girlie! Also she's the best gift wrapper in the whole world for sure.

The pictures do not do everything justice. One of the best things is my dollhouse books she made me!! I now printed out all my pictures of my doll stuff to add to a mini album. I love it all!!

In the tin in the back is postcards that are awesome!!!

Speaking of my dolly. He's doing great. I am starting to work on his diorama room. I also got him two new outfits. The first one was a made ken doll pj set I got from a woman on ebay for cheap. I just had to alter it to fit him better. I wanted something he could wear all the time and I didn't have to worry about staining. 

I also bought him this outfit off etsy. Its so cute!

This is his diorama room in progress. I finally just ordered him a bed. Its on its way. His little room is made with white hard foam board and put inside one of my armoires near my craft area. Its going to be great to use to take pictures in. 

The chair I got from a garage sale for 3 bucks. I don't know if its staying in the room. The boat shelf I found on ebay for cheap. The dresser I got at Michaels for 3 bucks. Its being painted now. The little chest is a old Logan/Leo toy. His bed will be put where his current shoe box bed is. lol. 

Thanks for looking! Hope all are doing well. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Pirate Rat faceup

Well I've been busy. Mostly messing with dolls and my new airbrush system. I know. I'm so weird right? I bought an airbrush system for my birthday this month. I wanted it to be able to do a faceup on my rat doll I got. I also wanted it to try out for other things and for future dolls I get or make. Its so cool. Its something I've always considered, but figured it would be too much to learn. Too big. Too much to maintain or barely used. Now I can't say I'll use it tons because well.. It is alot to get out, set up and then make sure you clean properly afterwards, but its not too costly or very big.

Here's the one I got:

With Amazon pro shipping is free. You can't beat that. I got 3 different brush systems with it and I think (though I haven't fully investigated) I can get a copic brush for it and use it with my copic markers... oh.. yes...

So onto what I actually did with it. Here's my bjd (ball jointed doll) rat that I painted with it. I think he turned out so cute.

Now there's a few areas I'd like to fix slightly, but overall he turned out so cute! He is made of resin. He is strung with elastic. He comes completely white. If you look at my last post you can see him how he came. I sealed him with MSC spray and used gouache paints watered down in my airbrush system to paint him. Pretty freakin' cool right? 

Now what do you think this rat needs? Oh, by the way..his name is Amos. He needs a Halloween costume.. Oh, yes..

So I found this outfit on a deserted skeleton at Walmart for 5 bucks. I took it off him and altered it. I added the little metal skeleton charm on the hat. I added the eyelets and red ribbon to the shirt and I made it fit my rat. The photo props are the boys toys, plus other odds and ends I of course had. 

Well I have to go and take the boys to school and then go to the gym. There's a tropical type storm coming this way from a hurricane that slowed down. Its been raining pretty steady all morning. fun! I will post again soon. 

Thanks for reading!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Workin' on it.

I feel like I get on here and say..."Oh, my poor blog..must post more", and I try. I guess blogging is just harder for me lately because I only have to readers really.. Hi Julie and Lauren!!! lol. Also I've been busy. Its hard to keep up sometimes.

I am though going to keep blogging because really in the end this blog is for me, not anyone else. So that's good. If I actually work at it and start putting more time in it "they will come".(reference to old movie Field of Dreams) God I'm in a mood today.

I did make a new card. I had to make a card for my friend's three year old daughter. The one I originally made and sent was stolen. OUT OF MY MAIL BOX!! I know can you believe it? Its a long story, but the jist of it is..if you put something in your mail box and put up the flag for the mail man any random thug will drive by look in your mail box see if it looks like a card and take it. I might just live in the ghetto, but the mail man assures me this is a new and very common problem for the mail service everywhere. He told me to not put the flag up or to make sure to put it in a mailing center box. Well.. luckily the gift card that I was sending that was stolen in that card was cancelled. HA! criminals.! Ha! Just gotta keep receipts. (it was a Target gift card) So if you ever lose or need to cancel a gift card, just keep your receipt.

Anyways.. back to the card. I had to make her a new card. So here it is.

Most of it the cupcakes, red swirl polka dot sticker, cut out swirls, the pink and green based pp and red sticker letters are BG. The base stripped I can't remember anymore. The green sticker letters are Thickers. I cut out the cupcakes and then shaded the sides and areas on them with colored pencils so they would look not really cut out harshly. Green ribbon I think is from Michaels. I bought some already white based cards at J's this week for 50% off. I like having the envelopes already match sometimes. Its easier than cutting the base and making it fit a standard envelope or making an envelope sometimes.

I also wanted to mention that starting June 1st I will be participating in Daisy Yellow's ICAD's!!! I did last year for awhile, but last summer was alot of traveling and I had no real art area set up and so... I struggled with doing it. Not this year!! I'm going full force. It is my goal to do every day. I might not always be daily on target, but I will catch up on days I miss. Here's the link if you are interested below the picture.

I can't wait till June 1st! :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

JB owl card

I made a new card yesterday for the second week of Jinglebelles. I had to use "What Santa gave me". The owl came from some wrapping my friend sent me and the wreath though came after Santa, is new. I got it on clearance at Target. Its from K&Co. The Washbi tape is also new that I got on clearence at Target. The JOY letters are from Thickers. The green and white chevon paper is from Comso cricket.

Today hasn't been that good. I woke up to Nevada, my very old husky having another seizure. She's 13. We lost our other husky last year. She's still walking around and being a little funny though its been over an hour. I just am not ready for her to go. I hope that she is okay. I was planning on going to the gym today, but after how she's acting I'm just going to take the boys to school and come home and work on things. That way I can keep an eye on her. She had alot of testing done last year to make sure it wasn't something that we could treat, but its not. Its old age, heart issues, etc..

I'll talk to you guys soon.