Friday, May 24, 2013

Workin' on it.

I feel like I get on here and say..."Oh, my poor blog..must post more", and I try. I guess blogging is just harder for me lately because I only have to readers really.. Hi Julie and Lauren!!! lol. Also I've been busy. Its hard to keep up sometimes.

I am though going to keep blogging because really in the end this blog is for me, not anyone else. So that's good. If I actually work at it and start putting more time in it "they will come".(reference to old movie Field of Dreams) God I'm in a mood today.

I did make a new card. I had to make a card for my friend's three year old daughter. The one I originally made and sent was stolen. OUT OF MY MAIL BOX!! I know can you believe it? Its a long story, but the jist of it is..if you put something in your mail box and put up the flag for the mail man any random thug will drive by look in your mail box see if it looks like a card and take it. I might just live in the ghetto, but the mail man assures me this is a new and very common problem for the mail service everywhere. He told me to not put the flag up or to make sure to put it in a mailing center box. Well.. luckily the gift card that I was sending that was stolen in that card was cancelled. HA! criminals.! Ha! Just gotta keep receipts. (it was a Target gift card) So if you ever lose or need to cancel a gift card, just keep your receipt.

Anyways.. back to the card. I had to make her a new card. So here it is.

Most of it the cupcakes, red swirl polka dot sticker, cut out swirls, the pink and green based pp and red sticker letters are BG. The base stripped I can't remember anymore. The green sticker letters are Thickers. I cut out the cupcakes and then shaded the sides and areas on them with colored pencils so they would look not really cut out harshly. Green ribbon I think is from Michaels. I bought some already white based cards at J's this week for 50% off. I like having the envelopes already match sometimes. Its easier than cutting the base and making it fit a standard envelope or making an envelope sometimes.

I also wanted to mention that starting June 1st I will be participating in Daisy Yellow's ICAD's!!! I did last year for awhile, but last summer was alot of traveling and I had no real art area set up and so... I struggled with doing it. Not this year!! I'm going full force. It is my goal to do every day. I might not always be daily on target, but I will catch up on days I miss. Here's the link if you are interested below the picture.

I can't wait till June 1st! :)


  1. Waving Hi back!! LOL!! I loveeeeeeee your card! LOVING those cupcakes!

  2. stealin' stuff outta residential mailboxes??!?!?! and what, no one notices? especially if ppl are cruising the whole street? i've never even heard of such a thing! we northeasterners are just spoilt i guess. or lagging behind in our federal postal crimes. oof! slacker criminals! i'm totally embarrassed now, lol! :) :) :)

    sorry about the 1st being stolen but on the other hand the "replacement" card is BEYOND awesome!!! loooooooooove the combo of papers etc... sooooo totally rockin' the bright colors and patterns! (ps: that stripe is KI i think; or the dcwv "remake"; if it's shimmery it's ki, for sure!) :) totally lovin' the placement of the letters, too... very dynamic to split the phrase and use 2 fonts! LOVE it! ♥