Monday, October 7, 2013

Pirate Rat faceup

Well I've been busy. Mostly messing with dolls and my new airbrush system. I know. I'm so weird right? I bought an airbrush system for my birthday this month. I wanted it to be able to do a faceup on my rat doll I got. I also wanted it to try out for other things and for future dolls I get or make. Its so cool. Its something I've always considered, but figured it would be too much to learn. Too big. Too much to maintain or barely used. Now I can't say I'll use it tons because well.. It is alot to get out, set up and then make sure you clean properly afterwards, but its not too costly or very big.

Here's the one I got:

With Amazon pro shipping is free. You can't beat that. I got 3 different brush systems with it and I think (though I haven't fully investigated) I can get a copic brush for it and use it with my copic markers... oh.. yes...

So onto what I actually did with it. Here's my bjd (ball jointed doll) rat that I painted with it. I think he turned out so cute.

Now there's a few areas I'd like to fix slightly, but overall he turned out so cute! He is made of resin. He is strung with elastic. He comes completely white. If you look at my last post you can see him how he came. I sealed him with MSC spray and used gouache paints watered down in my airbrush system to paint him. Pretty freakin' cool right? 

Now what do you think this rat needs? Oh, by the way..his name is Amos. He needs a Halloween costume.. Oh, yes..

So I found this outfit on a deserted skeleton at Walmart for 5 bucks. I took it off him and altered it. I added the little metal skeleton charm on the hat. I added the eyelets and red ribbon to the shirt and I made it fit my rat. The photo props are the boys toys, plus other odds and ends I of course had. 

Well I have to go and take the boys to school and then go to the gym. There's a tropical type storm coming this way from a hurricane that slowed down. Its been raining pretty steady all morning. fun! I will post again soon. 

Thanks for reading!