Monday, November 11, 2013

Still working on things... and a thank you!

I've been busy still with getting things done. I know I've not been a good blogger. I don't know if I ever will be in the future. Maybe some how someway I'll find a blog type solution that works for me.

I've almost finished my tiger painting. Its been a long long process. Here's some progress pictures of him.
He's in oil paints on canvas.

This is where he's at right now. It looks more washed out than the other pictures. I still have a few touches I'm going to add to him then I'll post his last final picture.

I received some lovely birthday gifts from my dear friend, Lauren. She's always so spot on to what I love. :)
Thank you girlie! Also she's the best gift wrapper in the whole world for sure.

The pictures do not do everything justice. One of the best things is my dollhouse books she made me!! I now printed out all my pictures of my doll stuff to add to a mini album. I love it all!!

In the tin in the back is postcards that are awesome!!!

Speaking of my dolly. He's doing great. I am starting to work on his diorama room. I also got him two new outfits. The first one was a made ken doll pj set I got from a woman on ebay for cheap. I just had to alter it to fit him better. I wanted something he could wear all the time and I didn't have to worry about staining. 

I also bought him this outfit off etsy. Its so cute!

This is his diorama room in progress. I finally just ordered him a bed. Its on its way. His little room is made with white hard foam board and put inside one of my armoires near my craft area. Its going to be great to use to take pictures in. 

The chair I got from a garage sale for 3 bucks. I don't know if its staying in the room. The boat shelf I found on ebay for cheap. The dresser I got at Michaels for 3 bucks. Its being painted now. The little chest is a old Logan/Leo toy. His bed will be put where his current shoe box bed is. lol. 

Thanks for looking! Hope all are doing well.