Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My new hamster bjd is here!

I ordered this little guy who is resin from bjdfantasyparts. Paper Sakura is who makes him. They only usually do batch orders so he isn't available to order all the time. I was so happy to get a chance to get him. He's much smaller than I expected. Here's the opening pictures.

I put some 8mm eyes in him. 

Not sure what his name is yet. I'm also not 100% on how I'm going to do his faceup and paint him. I think I will be busting out the airbrush and maybe do some fantasy colors? Or maybe some hamster tattoos? Ooh.. I don't know. Still have to think about this. 

Here's a scale comparison so you can see how teeny he really is. 

Last I wanted to add the Christmas photo of I took of all my bjds. They are so cute. New little hammy wasn't here yet when I took this. 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Monster High doll re-do's customize part 0ne

As many of you know or might not know... I'm into doing dolly things lately. I've recently won an auction on ebay for a lot of used Monster High dolls. They have all seen better days that is for sure.

The one missing a face is the one I chose to work on first. (Ghoulia)  I should have taken a picture of her before hand. I have recently figured out that when it comes to plastic dolls like this use 100% acetone remover to get their original faceups off. Much quicker!! You can find a bottle of it at Walgreens along side the other reg. nail polish removers.

Okay now my plans for her. I am planning on making her into Lily Munster doll! I know! I love Lily Munster. I wanted to make a bjd themed around her, but that is very costly for a doll that isn't my original character. I decided that this lovely would make a perfect Lily Munster. I mean her skin tone is PERFECT. The hair though... not so much.

So first up.. get rid of old makeup and old hair. I cut all her hair off, got her head off by soaking her in hot water and wiggling it very carefully off. (see a youtube vid for more instruction) and then I took tweezers up in her head and pulled out all the gluey old hair.

Now I am working on re- rooting her hair. I am going to re root her with black fake hair I got from Sally's beauty supply store. Its heap, but decent. I'm going to use some of the white doll hair from above old monster high dolls for the stripes in the hair. Once I get that all done I will start her face up.

I will keep you posted! I have plans for almost all these girls.