Monday, January 13, 2014

White Pippa

I recently got a lovely Christmas gift from my good friend, Lauren. She sent me some vintage books that we love to send each other because we both have such an infinity for them and a gift card to Etsy!!! Now I was excited because I had my eye on an art cat doll that I really wanted. Yeah for gift cards!

I ordered...her!!

Her name is Pippa. She's from dollsbymarca on Etsy. She was a custom order. Typically they are grey kitties. She offers them in different colors though. I choose white with green eyes. She fits in perfectly in my dollhouse and is bendable! I can pose her and put her on things. Its so cute. I think her little face which is made with clay and hand painted is so cute. Thank you Lauren!!

I also recently made a tumblr. I know... I'm a sicko. I for the longest time didn't get tumblr. I think its my age. It is still hard for me to realize exactly how it works. But I do like my personal tumblr. If you want to see it, its just a more posted on shorter version of my blog. ginaisarty tumblr

I do have to say I like tumblr. Its neat. You see things on there that you would never see else where because the majority of people on the site are YOUNG. I mean at least under 22 I assume. But its neat. I like seeing more art work and photography and such of flickr people and people on deviantart (another website I'm tryin to get into, but dang.. its like my brain freezes up and says''' YOU ARE TOO OLD".  I'm not sure. lol. Its a very fluid site both of them. Its sometimes hard to realize what people are posting is their's or something they liked... But I'm getting better and figuring that out. As my slow old brain evolves. 

This last weekend I burned through this book. It was amazing. I haven't read much in the last six months. I used to read alot. I stopped having to take Leo to speech classes twice a week and that was my main reading time. I read this book in about 48 hrs. It was good. 

I love the cover art. Gorgeous. 

Today I have the gym, grocery shopping, pharmacy trip, and a doctor appt in my future. Exciting stuff. There will be some cleaning thrown in also. This week is a busy one. 

I also planned on joining in on project life this year. So far I'm a big failure when it comes to that. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. ooooooooh! she is SO CUUUTE! do *NOT* let kane eat her, lol!!!! :0 it's so funny her name is pippa... the book i just finished had a character called that.

    as for tumblr, i just had a major issue whilst i was surfing on the treadmill... i was trying to find a lovely crochet pattern i saw... the same picture is posted like 14 times on different accounts, but i never DID find the instructions! and as you noted, on most of the individual sites i couldn't tell if the acct owner had MADE it, or they just LIKED it??? but if the latter, it seems like they appropriated someone else's photo & didn't give credit??? i don't really understand that. do some people do NOT have any sense of copyright/intellectual property? i know it's silly, but that really interferes with my enjoyment of both sites, lol! but then *I* am verrrry old indeed. in my day, t'internet was called BOOKS, lol! :) :) :)

    ok, time to go MAKE STUFF, i haven't made anything at all since like thursday, no wonder i am grumpy!!!

    ciao pippa!!! ♥

    1. Yes that is exactly why I have issue with Tumblr. Needless to say my acct over there is pretty lame at this point. lol. I'm a bit more active on Flickr again.