Sunday, March 16, 2014

Okay I've been totally MIA I know! But exciting news

Okay the last few months. Here's the jist of it....

Mikey: the pug well he now has diabetes. :( I have to give him insulin shots 2x a day every 12 hrs. I didn't think I would be able to do it, but I manage somehow with the strength of the fact that I love him and my boys really love him. He's only 7 yrs old. I can't lose another dog. He's a rescue I've had for about 3 years almost now.

A Career!!: 

I have finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up. I know, I know... you can chuckle a little if you have read me for many years because...well..I change my mind at times.. I'm a girl. I can't help it. 

I am starting classes in a few weeks to become CNA certified. :) (Certified Nurse Assistant)
I've taken my professional grade CPR/BLS and first aid certification classes. I've also went and got a physical. I will soon have to get all my up to date shots and a tb test. My class is an advanced 6 week class that will prepare me for the state examination and give me clinical hours. 

I am very woosy around needles mainly. I don't have to do phlebotomy  to become a CNA. I will learn all the basic skills to be able to be a home health aid/caregiver for the elderly. Thats what I want to do. I want to go to people's houses and take care of them, do what they need done, be a companion and just be of service to our elderly population. Its always been a calling of mine, but I was scared to go to people's houses by myself (I have a bit of anxiety. When I say bit I mean TONS, but I'm managing it). 

I would rather not work in a nursing home if I can manage not to, but I never really have so that might change. It just all depends. I'm leaving my options open. There are many, many retirees that live here and I think the numbers will just grow in the future. I'm very excited to start. I'm hoping to be licensed and have all my ducks in a row so I can start looking for a job this summer. Also I can get a job where I only work a  few hours a day so many days or what not that work with in my boy's schedule so its kinda perfect. 

In other news! Crafty Arty ones.... 

More dolly stuff is still happening! lol.

Here's my new doll Reinsumptra that I did her face up, I made her dress and she is stunning. Only things I didn't do myself were her wig and shoes. I need to take more pictures of her. She's a WITHDOLL Ruby grey skin sculpt. 

Kitty (Pippa) in picture above is a lovely Christmas gift from Lauren! <3

I found a few props for her pictures that are amazing. The chair and I'm working on her camel I found! OMG. Its so cool. More pictures of her in the future. Her dress she's wearing I made all myself. Best doll clothes I have ever made. Her sandals I found on Etsy. Those clay pots I found at a garage sale for 15 cents each!
Her camel. I'm working on a leather saddle and camel "pack" bags that will hang on his sides. I got him online for a steal. He's HUGE. 16 inches tall. New on ebay he's like 100 bucks. Crazy.

Another find on for cheap! This thing is heavy and gorgeous. Fits my doll perfect. It was only 35 including shipping. Again score!

Painting class has been put off this semester. I have this painting that is almost done. It needs probably about 4 to 6 more hours put into it. 

I've also set up a ready to go painting station for my youngest so he can paint anytime he wants. He used to paint on the dining room table, but I would have to set it up every time and that was hard set up and then clean up after. Now he just climbs up on the chair and goes to work. He can do all the stuff he needs to and its all with in reach. He's a little artist like his momma. :) 

Its on my main scrapping desk next to my real desk, I don't usually work up there. It was just a catch all for current projects. I figured it would be more useful for him and nice to have a work area next to mine for him.

Well this is long enough! I am getting a new doll soon it looks like. I'm so excited. I hope it all works out. I'll try to post here more often. My tumblr, is still there and will have much shorter dolly things. Its just difficult for me to figure out and I think I might be too old for it. Sometimes I just don't get it. Though it has alot of great pics on it. 

Thanks for reading!